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Al's Corner


AL Hursey

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                       July 11th Horse Hooky

Welcome to the July 2017 version of Al’s Corner. First I want to throw a big thank you out to Tom Komadina owner of EXL Logistics for his outstanding work AGAIN on National Transportation Week. Photos of the field trip are up on the website for your viewing pleasure. This is unsung hero type of stuff!!!

Happy 4th Of July --- I hope you have a great one!!

Also happy Birthday on July 25th to my incredible wife Kathy!!!

Ok, our big event this month is the annual Horse Hooky Day at Fairmount Park. I always enjoy this event as I get to wager on a few horses, and network with some of my friends in the club. For those of you that have never gone before Brad gets there early and secures picnic tables on the extreme west end of the indoor part (air conditioned) of the big building, down by the paddock.

I will also be putting together some group betting again this year for those of you that are crazy enough to allow me to bet for you. Lots of people just want to hang out, not think too much, and let me do the betting for them. This year I am rolling out a new and hopefully improved strategy that I am officially stating is “as close to a guarantee that we will win as possible!!!” I also “kind of promise” that none of the money you give me will go towards group drinks, unless we win big. I am almost guaranteeing a doubling of your money!!!!

I will say this my strategy is a “hybrid” of my old one of picking only the horses with more than 2 spotted feet, or the grey horses, and the trainer that is dressed the best (cause they think they will be getting their picture taken as the winning trainer!!!). I will also guarantee that we will cash at least 2 races on trifecta bets (Alvis the Greek).

That’s for this month, have fun!!

Giltner St. Louis