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The Transportation Club of St. Louis

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Al's Corner


AL Hursey

Past President - Transportation Club of St. Louis  618-795-3672

                   “Let’s Get Ready to Mouse Race”

                                           Big Trouble in the South

The top statement should be spoken like the boxing announcer used to exclaim “let’s get ready to rumble.” Yes, it is September and that means Mouse Race Month. Mark the date Sept. 15th, Casino Queen Hotel.  Gates open at 5:30, the races begin at 7.

This joint event is brought to you by the St. Louis Transportation Club and YSCP, supports the incredible “Hands that Serve” charity. Hands that Serve, feeds the homeless cheeseburgers every Friday and Saturday. They also provide many other services, and support other charities in the St. Louis Area such as Kingdom House.

Free entry

Free food provided by my brother Gary Hursey owner of Telecom Direct, will be making 150 homemade sandwiches.

Free Chips and Salsa from Ramon’s in Collinsville

Free Beer supplied by AB/InBev

Free whiskey and vodka sampling provided by Stumpy’s the maker of the labels Old Monroe and Unbroken Vodka located in Columbia, IL.

Fireball liters for shots


You can also bring BYB and snacks.

Rooms at the hotel, if booked in advance, are available, which I highly recommend. Last year was our first event, this year will be bigger (I pray) and without question even more organized. Please tell or bring your friends and let’s kill this! Any Questions---contact me at or 618-795-3672.

This month’s topic is another sad one, the Hurricane in Texas and Louisianna. Over 50 inches fell in the Houston area in a few days, and was moving towards New Orleans.

For me, it demonstrates how nature and life itself is very fragile. My heart goes out to all effected and I have and will continue to make donations.

See you at the Races,

Giltner St. Louis